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Student Success and Outcomes Data

Tableau Data Visualizations

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Retention Rate

Freshmen Retention – 2022 Cohort 87.9%

Graduation Rates

Six-Year Graduation Rate – 2017 Cohort

By Gender

Male 64.4%
Female 71.6%

By Ethnicity

Non-Resident Alien 92.8%
Hispanic 58.1%
American Indian or Alaska Native 45.5%
Asian 74.2%
African American 52.0%
White 71.0%
Two or More Races 57.5%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pac 100.0%

By Financial Aid Award Type

Federal Pell Grant Recipients  54.6%
Stafford Loan Recipients (subsidized, did not receive Pell)  66.6%
Students not receiving Stafford Loans or Pell Grants  75.7%

First Year Student Profile

Licensure Exam Outcomes

Employment Outcomes

Founded in 1848, the University of Mississippi is a public research university that offers nearly 200 degrees that prepare students for a wide variety of fields and further study related both directly and indirectly to the degree.  To demonstrate this variety, here is an abbreviated list of employment and graduate/professional fields gathered from our UM Alumni and Career Center Exiting Surveys:   Marketing, Urban Planning, Botany, Insurance, Consulting, Performing Arts, Real Estate, Speech Writing, Environmental Consulting, Specification Writing, Textile Research, Manufacturing, Chemical Sales, Technical Insurance Underwriting, Acting, Screenwriting, Actuarial Services, Homeland Security, Public Relations, Publishing, Set and Costume Designing, Sculpting, Census Planning, Ministry, Diplomacy, Public Policy Analysis, Foreign Service, Petroleum Research, Social Work, Recreation Management, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Journalism, Primary and Secondary Education, K-12 Administration, Post-Secondary Administration, Journalism, Business, Law, Counseling, Psychology, Accountancy, Taxation, Engineering, Speech Pathology, Pharmacy, Dietetics, Hospitality, and many more.


Program Outcomes

College of Liberal Arts

School of Applied Sciences

School of Education

School of Law

School of Pharmacy

University of Mississippi Medical Center