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The purpose of assessment is to systematically improve the quality of student learning, teaching, research, service, and processes at UM.

We accomplish this goal by:

  • Identifying learning outcomes and administrative outcomes
  • Developing assessment tools to assess the outcomes
  • Then analyzing and using the data to make improvements in academic programs and administrative units

Evidence of assessment is necessary for number of audiences, including regional and program accrediting bodies and though assessment can happen at many levels (e.g., for courses or departments), we take assessment to occur at the degree program or unit level.


Improve / TracDat® Assessment Reporting

Click here to go directly to TracDat


Assessment Staff

  • Dr. Kate Kellum leads the assessment processes
  • Assisted by Ms. Camille Toles, provides administrative support and coordination
  • Contact us at 662-915-7387 (we love this stuff)


Cycle A & B Deadlines and Timelines


Campus Survey Policies

Gives an overview of new survey policies at UM


About Assessment Process

Gives an overview of assessment at The University of Mississippi

Improve/TracDat Resources

Training videos, guides, and manuals to help you with assessment information in TracDat

Assessment Method Resources

A collection of resources to help you with assessment: examples, instructions, rubrics, and other documents

Assessment FAQ’s

New and growing page with answers to frequently asked assessment questions