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About the Assessment Cycle

The University of Mississippi embraces assessment to evaluate institutional effectiveness.  Therefore, each instructional program and unit (administrative, educational support, research, and public service) defines outcomes, regularly assesses its degree programs or operations, and reports results and improvements from this self-assessment biannually (every two years).

The assessment process is:

  • managed by Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning
  • coordinated through Area Assessment Coordinators
  • conducted by the University Assessment Committee (UAC), with rotating faculty and staff membership

The UAC performs peer reviews of Assessment Plans and Assessment Reports for each unit using rubrics (found below) to increase consistency and reliability of feedback to the units. Based on the rubrics, the UAC recommends improvements in the assessment process, and informally assists units in planning and conducting assessments by sharing ideas and procedures.

  1. Which cycle is your program or unit in?
  2. Where are we at in the cycle?
  3. Rubrics used by the University Assessment Committee (UAC)


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