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Example Assessment Plans

Example Academic Program Plans



Example Administrative and Educational Support (AES) Unit Plans

Academic Programs Need:

  • 2 or more Student Learning outcomes

What graduates know, or are able to do, as a result of the program

  • 2 or more Educational Program outcomes

Quality of the program such as student satisfaction, retention, enrollment

  • 1 or more Student Achievement outcomes

Getting jobs, publishing, presenting, or getting into graduate programs

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Non-Academic Program Need Outcomes to:

  • Be 3 or more
  • Focus on services that are currently provided
  • Focus on what clients can do as a result of the service
  • Be linked to University Goals
  • For Student Affairs units, consider how you can demonstrate student growth as part of student development theories

Rubrics used by UAC

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) uses the following rubrics to gauge the effectiveness of the assessment plan for each program or unit.


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