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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning at the University of Mississippi assists in the advancement of the University’s objectives by providing leadership and guidance in areas of strategic importance. We coordinate integrated planning at the university, division, and unit levels, and support the university leadership in the implementation and monitoring of university-wide goals and initiatives.

In addition, we provide strategic planning services to the university community.

University Planning


The university is operating under the UM 2020 Strategic Plan, which was launched in the Spring of 2012.  The plan contains 7 Priorities of Excellence, 35 objectives, and 95 initiatives.



Priority of Excellence Total number of initiatives Number in progress Number completed
Undergraduate Excellence and Student Success 33 27 4
Graduate and Professional Education 21 11 6
Research, Scholarship, Innovation, and Creativity 11 6 5
The Collegiate Experience 12 6 5
Faculty 5 3 2
Staff 9 6 3
Transformation through Service 4 1 3
Total 95 60 28
Updated May 26, 2015