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About IREP

Elevating inquiry to empower effective decision making

The Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning (IREP) serves the University of Mississippi by providing institutional information to meet the decision-making, assessment, evaluation, reporting, accreditation, and planning needs of faculty, staff, academic, and administrative leaders. IREP also leads the institution’s compulsory and voluntary reporting requirements and fulfills data request from institutional stakeholders.

What it means to be a part of IREP

At IREP, we demonstrate our core values of integrity, continuous improvement, innovation, service orientation,
supportive environment, and valued work by:

  • Adhering to ethical and professional standards
  • Encouraging the use of data to improve the effectiveness of current activities and to plan for the future
  • Executing duties in a timely, consistent, accurate, transparent, and neutral manner
  • Engaging others through collaborative interactions and in accordance with the UM creed
  • Recognizing our work as critical to the success of our institution
  • Developing innovative approaches to inform decision making

IREP inspires inquiry and empowers decision making by enacting its mission and completing its strategic plan.