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Nuventive Improve FAQ’s

How do I find and sign in to Nuventive Improve (formerly TracDat)?

Click  here to go to Nuventive Improve. Use your webID as your username and webID password.

How do I see our assessment plan or report?

Click on the “Reports” tab in Nuventive Improve. Use the “Assessment Plan” report to see the Outcomes, Means of Assessment and Criteria for Excellence. See View Existing Plans for options to select. Use the “Unit Assessment Report – Four Column” report to see the plan, results, and uses of results. See View Existing Reports for options to select.

How do I delete or modify previous outcomes, means of assessment and results?

Please do NOT delete or modify previous information stored in Nuventive Improve. This database is used to demonstrate each unit’s current and history of assessment. Instead simply add a new outcome, means of assessment or result. For older outcomes, edit the status to “not currently assessing” or “no longer an outcome”. For previous means of assessment, mark as inactive (i.e., uncheck box next to “active”). Leave older results in the database.

How do I add a new results?

Click the orange “Add Result” button on the “results” tab. Then select the outcome and the means of assessment for which you’d like to add data. Provide a summary of the data in the box provided, mark whether the criterion was met, and the status of the use of results.