Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning collects, organizes and disseminates official institutional data; analyzes internal, external and peer data to support decision-making and planning; and manages the University’s institutional effectiveness and strategic planning processes.

Each area of IREP has its own mission statement:

Institutional Research

To provide unbiased research, analysis, and reporting that employs a holistic understanding of complex university business processes in order to help promote data informed decision making of internal and external entities.

Institutional Effectiveness

To facilitate the systematic improvement of the quality of educational programs, teaching, research, service, and administrative processes at UM.

Strategic Planning

To support integrated planning at the university, school, and departmental levels that leads to the strategic use of data in organizational decision-making.



Core Values

The University of Mississippi Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning has five core values that guide our work.


All of IREP’s efforts are driven by a culture of ethical behavior and trust built upon integrity, transparency and neutrality. IREP demonstrates dependability, reliability, and accountability.

Continuous Improvement

IREP recognizes the value of institutional knowledge and actionable information for facilitating good decision-making. IREP strives to foster an office and university culture that values using data to improve the effectiveness of current activities and to plan for the future.

Service Orientation

IREP serves both our internal and external stakeholders with insight, creativity, and a dedication to responsiveness. We aim to exceed expectations and build positive relationships.

Supportive Environment

IREP values a positive and supportive team environment in which there is clarity of responsibility and vision. IREP strives to maintain an environment that values and appreciates each team member, and is committed to professional and personal development.

Valued Work

IREP recognizes that we are engaged in activities that are critical to the success of the institution. We strive every day to honor the value and importance of this work.