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Student Success Data

Retention Rate

Freshmen Retention – 2013 Cohort 84.7%

Graduation Rates

Six-Year Graduation Rate – 2007 Cohort 58.0%

By Gender

Male 53.8%
Female 61.6%

By Ethnicity

Non-Resident Alien 48.0%
Hispanic 71.9%
American Indian or Alaska Native 50.0%
Asian 68.4%
African American 48.4%
White 59.5%
Two or More Races 57.8%
Unknown 35.0%

By Financial Aid Award Type

Federal Pell Grant Recipients 51.2%
Stafford Loan Recipients (subsidized, did not receive Pell) 56.5%
Students not receiving Stafford Loans or Pell Grants 60.5%

First Year Student Profile


Licensure Exam Outcomes

Employment Outcomes

Program Outcomes

School of Applied Sciences

School of Education

School of Law

School of Pharmacy