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Survey Panel Procedures

Administration of University of Mississippi Survey Panels

Individuals preparing to survey individuals (students, faculty, staff and/or alumni) at the University of Mississippi must review the Administration of University of Mississippi Survey Panels.

This policy applies to all requests for sample panel information (e.g., email addresses, FERPA-protected student data, personnel and alumni addresses and data) for the purpose of directly soliciting individual participation from UM students, faculty, staff, and/or alumni in a survey – which is an online or paper-based data collection tool.


The following is a list of exemptions to the survey policy application. If your survey meets one of these criteria, you do not have to submit a survey panel application form.

  • Surveys within an office or academic department, where the survey author already has access to the sample panel
  • Surveys evaluating an event or program, where the survey author already has access to the sample panel
  • Institutional or organization elections
  • Surveys that recruit participants indirectly using tools such as social media, UM Today or the Daily Mississippian

Application Requirements 

The following is a list of required information necessary in completing the Sample Panel Application. Before filling out this form, please make sure you have all of the following information or materials. If you have questions, please contact

  • Purpose of the survey and/or how it will be used
  • Contact information, including department or unit
  • Proof of IRB approval, if applicable
  • Description of the sample, sample size, and justification for the sample size (requests for sample panels greater than 33% of the total population will rarely be approved)
  • Information about the survey methodology including examples of similar surveys, if applicable
  • Recruitment procedures and incentives
  • Plan for disseminating aggregate survey results
  • A final draft of the survey