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In order to better understand and serve its students, The University of Mississippi compiles information concerning its incoming freshmen, including their origin, academic achievements (as measured by ACT scores), and anticipated educational fields of study. These data are presented in this section along with data concerning the enrollment of transfer students who make up a significant portion of the University’s entering student population.


(1) The average ACT score for Fall Semester 2000 is the second highest score on record.

(2) In Fall Semester 2000, enrollment of resident first-time full-time freshmen was greater than nonresident first-time full-time
freshmen for the sixth year in a row.

(3) Enrollment of first-time full-time freshmen from the northern counties increased by 42 students or 9%, the central counties
increased by 46 students or 16%, and the southern counties of Misissippi decreased by 19 students or 12%.

(4) The total enrollment of first-time full-time freshmen for all the states increased to a total of 1,823. The combined enrollment
from Mississippi’s four border states increased by 27 students or 6%.

(5) The enrollment of new full-time transfer students increased 9% from 725 in Fall 1999 to 792 in Fall 2000.